Cal Poly Is an Under Rated University

I am a miserable failure.  I can barely hold down a steady job.  I have had 7 jobs in the last 7 years.  Not all of them I even have the guts to represent on my resume or LinkedIn.  The shortest job I had was for 4 weeks when I worked as a contractor for Google.  I really blew that one and that is a topic for a whole other post.  The short stint was for 6 weeks when I tried my hand at recruiting.   My job was to find other people jobs in finance and accounting.  A miserable crash and burn failure.  If I can’t hold a job how the hell am I supposed to get someone else a job, let alone sell them on that job?  Being a recruiter, I learned a lot.  Especially that I need to work on my sales skills.  And life skills.  You gotta get out and make it happen.


Enough complaining.   There are plenty of people actually making it happen. I represent the fearful and scared side of my alma mater, Cal Poly.  Others represent the learn by doing taking action side.  In the past few days, some incredible success and rewards have come to my fellow Cal Poly classmates.  Guys that I would be honored to call friends had I been a better friend.

Cut a Rusty
Cut a Rusty


Making Dining and Drinking Better

Pomaikai Shishido is one of the founders of SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant in San Jose, California.   It’s a fantastic bar and restaurant located in the downtown San Jose restaurant and bar scene.  Close to the San Pedro square and close the SAP center / Shark Tank where the San Jose sharks play hockey.   The last time I was there was too long ago, over a year, and it has a great outdoor patio complete with an outdoor bar under the sky.  Plus Kai was making drinks for us.  His experience before opening SP2, as a bartender at one of the hottest bars at the time, Jones Bar, really has done wonders as he made my friends and I feel special at right at home at his restaurant.

Recently, Kai shared some great success recently when Oprah stopped by and poured drinks from behind the bar!  Freaking sweet man!!

Making Drinks!!
Making Drinks









Making Real Estate Better

Andrew Flachner and Michael Parikh run RealScout.  As their site says: “RealScout is the platform that powers successful relationships between real estate professionals and their clients.”  Essentially helping Realtors help people buy the perfect home. Home buying can be very emotional and nerve racking and a platform to help locate that special place you are to call home has been created by Andrew and Michael.

I am not too sure how it all works, but it is awesome enough to get them a buy in from some serious players in the real estate and investment community for $6 Million!  (Article)

Donald Trump better watch out.


Getting the word out
Getting the word out


Thanks for the inspiration Andrew, Michael and Kai.  Keep up the great work so the people rooting from the bleachers like me and everyone else can be proud!

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  1. Thanks so much Adam. It’s friends like you who keep us pumped. Would love to catch up soon, and you’re always welcome to stop by the office if you find yourself in Mountain View. Or better yet, let’s grab a beer!

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