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What is it like to use Rinse? A review of Rinse in San Francisco

Laundry Day!! Used from:
Laundry Day!!  (Courtesy:


Ugh.  Laundry day!  Even just writing this now brings up connotations of dread and waiting.  Can’t someone else do this?  There has got to be something better.  Thankfully there is!  Rinse is a service that will pick up your clothes and do your laundry for you.  Just like your mom used to.  Except you never had to pay your mom.  Oh well, you have to pay rinse, but it is fairly reasonable (prices later) and they

Fair disclosure:  I have no affiliation to rinse.  I just tried their service last week and thought I would write about my experience for those who are interested in reading more.

I first heard about rinse from their adds on the San Francisco Muni buses offering a $20 Credit.  So I signed up.  This was a month ago.  And I never did anything about it.  Clever rinse though, they gave me an extra $10 credit and mailed me a flyer in the regular mail to my apartment.  So I had $30 credit they said.  Great.  Time to use it.

My Experience:

Monday August 31 6:30pm.

I decide to use the service.  No pickups available until the next day: Tuesday!  What is this?!  Tuesday Sept 1 from 8pm to 10pm is the next available pick up window.  That is quite the the wide open pick up window and not until the next day.   Pick it up now!  But ok, I will wait you are giving me $30 free and will delay my entitled San Francisco Resident mentality.   I gather my clothes, a few shirts and a suit to have them dry clean.

Tuesday September 1.  Rolls around.  I get the below text reminder.

Rinse Text pickup

Tuesday September 1; evening ish:

Rinse pick up text

Great!  Mark shows up around 9:30pm.  Which is late in the the window that they gave me.  If I actually had a busy life, this might matter, but I don’t so no worries.

I only had dry cleaning and laundry items and no wash and fold items so Mark took my clothes and placed them in a white bag.  He gave me a black bag for any future wash and fold items.  (I also got the white bag back when the clothes were delivered for future laundry orders).  This saves time in the future as I imagine that you don’t need to be present for future orders and can leave your clothes in the bags at your apartment (assuming you live in a fairly safe place).  This is nice.    Mark also explained the process and was a friendly guy.


Now I wait a couple days.


Friday September 4:
Reminder that I will get my clothes back:

Rinse text delivery

Clothes are coming soon:

Rinse Delivery notice text

Clothes are here!  I didn’t even here him coming, and they left them at my gate.  What a perk!

Rinse Delivery confirmation


Final Tally:

$7 after my credit

Rinse Confirmation Email

Price List:

Rinse Price List
Prices. As of Sept 2015. From Rinse website.


Overall Experience:

Aside from the thought that this was an immediate instant gratification service, I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, there is a few day turnaround, but this is what you would expect at the standard brick and mortar cleaners.   You can pay extra I believe to have a faster turnaround which is nice.  The prices are also fairly reasonable and mirror those of  my regular cleaners: Benson at Vermont Cleaners.  Granted Benson knows my name and says “Hello Adam!” every time I walk in, but his hours are not as convenient as he closes at 6:15pm.

For the same prices as Benson and the convince of not having to go to the actual cleaners, I think that I will use rinse again.  If you plan in advance a bit, I think you will be pleasantly satisfied with the Rinse Service.  Sorry Benson!!

Sign up here and get $20 credit (no affiliation to me):

If you want to sign up and get $10 (and I will get a credit too 🙂   Use this link

Enjoy your clean clothes!