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Haters gonna hate

I got my first hater! The exact comment: “You seem like an asshole. Don’t notch about the customers who ultimately pay you.”  This is regarding this post.

F*cking A$$hole!!
F*cking A$$hole!!

Looks I am an asshole now.  Sweet.

I started blogging mainly for fun and to push myself to get out my comfort zone. I got a few good responses  and some great positive feedback from my friends.

Then I quit.  I gave up writing because of fear.

I did not feel worthy.  But guess what,  screw you Donna, I am worthy.  Because I am to going to be big in Canada! Not Justin Bieber big but probably some side show sound bite big.  I am supposed be broadcast soon in Canada, eh!!    My one post that is actually read  is my postmates post.   I average about 2-3 views a day and I am number 3 on google search results if you google search “postmates driver sf”.

Because of my killer stardom and great descriptive writing abilities (sarcasm), I was interviewed last week by Janic Tremblay of Radio-Canada (essentially the NPR of our neighbors up north) .  Pretty cool, eh?    In reality I was picked becuase I was the only one who responded to Janic and set up a time.  Sometimes all it takes is a little action.

The interview and broadcast will be in French, so I might need someone to translate the French back to my original English.


Oh Canada. Eh?!
Oh Canada. Eh?

This is just a great reminder that I need to live my own life and do what is best for me. And also have fun.   This will at times involve making mistakes. I am grateful that I do have supporting friends and family that call me out on my crap when I do make mistakes.  I don’t always change, but it is good to hear from those that care.

I had a great time traveling along with Janic and expressing my opinion with him.  Janic specializes in Technology (or Technologie in french) and it was awesome to spend a couple of hours with him chatting as I drove along SF delivering some postmates jobs.  Janic is a great guy and I enjoyed my time with him.  We talked about the “gig economy” and related issues/concerns that arise regarding benefits, work hours, pay rates and other such things. Janic was very interested on the gig economy and the effects that it will have on the Canadian economy and workforce.   I will post the link to my interview on the Canadian Broadcasting radio show, eh, once I get it, even though it will be in goofy french.

Stay posted too for a future post on an update as a postmate courier/driver one year in.  As I have some strong opinions on Postmates as a whole that need to be expressed.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.