Is it worth it to pay for

Apartment Searching
Apartment Searching


Two weeks ago I arrived in Sydney, Australia. No Job. No place to live. Just packed up and moved to the southern hemisphere.   Probably not the best course of action, but as General George S. Patton Says:

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

I would not say I violently executed my plan. But things are falling into place this week rather than next week.

Not exactly murphy’s law, but stuff got bad upon my arrival. First I got really sick.  Then I had a cockroach infestation in my Airbnb Apartment. I am not too big a fan of Airbnb now, but that is a separate story. I have stayed at five Airbnb places in the past two years with four being on this trip in the last month. Four have been great. One not so great. As evidenced with the cockroaches and uncleanliness of the last place.  One bad experience greatly affects my thoughts of the company and I will be hesitant to use Airbnb in the future.

The reality is with any change or move, stuff takes work.  Work to get a job. Work to get a place to live.  Work to get connected.  And getting things right in Aussie is taking work.

Living out of a suitcase gets tiring after a while. Especially since I was traveling with three large duffel bags. Not exactly traveling light.  So I needed a place to live.  But I got lucky. Providence was looking out. I actually now have pretty sweet place to live. Granted it is not too cheap, but it has what I need. A furnished room with a bed in a good location. Near Kings Cross and close to city transport.

On The Move.
On The Move.


How I got it.

I used  In the States we have craigslist to get things done.  But not so much in Sydney.  I setup a profile on I paid the extra service to have access to e-mail people ($29 Australian Dollars) for 30 day access.

People have access to your profile and I was hit up with people sending messages looking to fill their apartments.  I do think that I moved to Sydney on the off time.  With a mid May move winter is about to start soon. Boo.  No one is moving in the winter.

Granted I am paying less in US dollars for my own room in Sydney than I was in San Francisco. That is not saying much though. San Francisco is one of the highest rental markets in the U.S.

Through flatmates and after setting up my profile a couple days earlier, I received a message on Saturday.  I saw the place on Monday.  I moved in on Wednesday.  Bam.  Done. Without even much work on my part.  Others were looking out for me!

Yes, I would say it is completely worth it to pay for
(I have no affiliation to the site, it just worked great for me, so spreading the word)

It is good to now have a home base and I feel really grateful to have found a good place to stay.  I just hope that the honeymoon stage lasts long!


A Place to Rest My Head
A Place to Rest My Head

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