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How does the Qantas Price promise work?

A consumer advertisement review of the Qantas Price Match Advertisement.

Let’s Roll!

Australian Airline, Qantas, advertises:

“Book with confidence at
At, we understand that everyone loves to score a great deal. This is why we offer a Price Promise on Qantas flights, hotels, cars, transfers, activities and cruises.
If on the same day after your purchase (or, in the case of cars, book) any of these products at, you find the same identical product is available to purchase on any Australian website, marketed to consumers located in Australia that is operated by a company with an active ABN/ACN, for a lower publicly available price, we’ll match it.”

 I decided to take advantage of this “price promise” as I will be traveling from Australia to Thailand in October.

But first, why did I even book with Qantas anyway?

I need to fly in October to Bangkok from Sydney.  I will be traveling in October to meet up with a few friends.

From a review of a few travel sites, the price is the same or within $5AUD of the other competitors (emirates and Thai) flying with Qantas.  Now I have not flown any of these three airlines, (Thai, Emirates or Qantas), but flying from Australia as it is an Australian airline, I am a recent frequent flier member (with 0 miles!) but I anticipate to fly from Australia in the future, I was looking to fly Qantas to start accruing some Qantas points, along with other reasons.

I also was a bit weary to buy from a ticket agent. Call me old fashioned, but there seems to be a sense of comfort buying direct from the airline, thus with the price promise in place, Qantas is trying to appease customers like me and it worked as you can see by reading on.

Also, Qantas also has a high safety rating (source 1  and source 2) and is rated highly as being an on time airline (source)

The qantas price was actually what I feel that to be a fairly good deal.  $734 AUD (with a Credit Card processing fee of $9.60 AUD; the credit card fee I think is a bit ridiculous, but I will save a rant for that later). was advertising $680 AUD.  But I bought with Qantas and submitted a price claim.

The skyscanner results
Kayak Results


On to the Price Promise Review:

2:30pm Flight purchased from and subsequent screen grab from competitor site ( BestJet via a search on skyskanner link:

2:50pm Claim Submitted and automated e-mail response received.

3:13pm Claim Successful! And response received I will get: “53.36 AUD to match the lower rate found.”

Success (yellow highlights are my own call outs)!!


Now I won’t get this until I leave on my trip, but it will help subsidize my Thailand fun!

Key things to point out when submitting your Qantas Price Promise Claim:

  • Submit your claim the same day.  Not only does your screenshot have to be from the same day you bought your ticket, but your claim needs to be submitted the same day.
  • Need a time stamp within your screenshot.
  • Screenshot has to be less than a certain size.  I had to resubmit my price promise application because my screenshot was too big a file size. So make sure you get that automated confirmation e-mail after you submit to ensure your request went through.
  • Refund not to be received until after the departure per this table from (Qantas link:
Qantas details


I will update once refund finally hits my credit card to let you guys know the full process works, but as of the time of writing I am satisfied.

Happy Travels All!






A discourse on the recent Trump inauguration. Or Let’s Grab America by the Pussy!

Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy.

Picture stolen from this site

What a great freaking weekend!! Pink pussy all over the television. Granted, mostly hats.   I just want to write about pussy. And what a great excuse!!

I have not written anything on this site in ages and this post sure won’t make friends. Purely out of fear of what people will think, I have not posted. And this will probably piss anyone off who reads it. But here goes anyway.

So, a warning to cover my ass and give me an excuse to carry on, some pure drivel follows.

Everything on Facebook the past few days is about pussy! How amazing. Pink pussy. Old Pussy. Young Pussy. Tight Pussy. Wet Pussy (with reference to the California flooding) Even male pussy:

Picture stolen from this site

All because the 45th president of the United States is not a woman. Dare I even mention his name?

Donald J. Trump.

And this bloke who is now the president of the U.S.A said some stuff people don’t like.

Before it becomes outlawed for a man to say pussy, or before I completely disowned by everyone I know, I would like to have some fun writing about Pussy too!

You see, I now live in Australia. 10,000 miles from current events in ‘Murcia. I am a bit isolated from happenings on the mainland. Hell, I gave my homeland a giant Fuck You 9 months ago when I got up and left to move halfway across the world.

But in my honest opinion, I don’t think the Pink Pussy Hat Women’s March pushed the edges far enough. Should have taken the tone of the guys from south park or NOFX and really pushed the envelope.

Something like the Bleeding Vagina March?

Or the Crusty Cunt March.

Did you know that there are over 140 ways to say pussy, (according to this site)?  Could have had so many signs!

Like George Carlin Says, You can’t say Cunt in America (link). But guess what!? You can in Australia!!

Cunt is a sacred Aussie Word. A term of endearment between good mates (friends) and used to signify friendships as in:

“he’s a good cunt.” (said with all the utmost positivity) (for those who are unsure a simple google search will backup my claims)

But Cunt can also signify distaste, like the more common usage in America.

As in: “he’s a fucking cunt”(said with disgust)

Notice how cunt is used referring to a male in the above examples. There is no regard for gender with the Australian usage of the word cunt. Where in the U.S it is only used for females (think of how El Presidente Donald might refer to Hillary).

Pic stolen from here

Now, keeping the above in mind and to bridge the gapping, spreading wide gap that would be a hotdog in a hallway of all this recent bi-partisan shenanigans, about the new president, Donald J. Trump,

I made a Haiku:

Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt
Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt
Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt

The best part is that the above Haiku can be both positive (based on the Australia way of saying Cunt) or Negative (the American version). So take your pick! I am here to be Generous and not take sides.

To end on a happier note for the pink pussy hats, make sure to buy your dildo of the day.  (purely a promotional link and a shout out to a friend who may read this far ).

With Peace and Love, G’ day Mate. You all are all right and a bunch of good cunts for reading this far.