How does the Qantas Price promise work?

A consumer advertisement review of the Qantas Price Match Advertisement.

Let’s Roll!

Australian Airline, Qantas, advertises:

“Book with confidence at
At, we understand that everyone loves to score a great deal. This is why we offer a Price Promise on Qantas flights, hotels, cars, transfers, activities and cruises.
If on the same day after your purchase (or, in the case of cars, book) any of these products at, you find the same identical product is available to purchase on any Australian website, marketed to consumers located in Australia that is operated by a company with an active ABN/ACN, for a lower publicly available price, we’ll match it.”

 I decided to take advantage of this “price promise” as I will be traveling from Australia to Thailand in October.

But first, why did I even book with Qantas anyway?

I need to fly in October to Bangkok from Sydney.  I will be traveling in October to meet up with a few friends.

From a review of a few travel sites, the price is the same or within $5AUD of the other competitors (emirates and Thai) flying with Qantas.  Now I have not flown any of these three airlines, (Thai, Emirates or Qantas), but flying from Australia as it is an Australian airline, I am a recent frequent flier member (with 0 miles!) but I anticipate to fly from Australia in the future, I was looking to fly Qantas to start accruing some Qantas points, along with other reasons.

I also was a bit weary to buy from a ticket agent. Call me old fashioned, but there seems to be a sense of comfort buying direct from the airline, thus with the price promise in place, Qantas is trying to appease customers like me and it worked as you can see by reading on.

Also, Qantas also has a high safety rating (source 1  and source 2) and is rated highly as being an on time airline (source)

The qantas price was actually what I feel that to be a fairly good deal.  $734 AUD (with a Credit Card processing fee of $9.60 AUD; the credit card fee I think is a bit ridiculous, but I will save a rant for that later). was advertising $680 AUD.  But I bought with Qantas and submitted a price claim.

The skyscanner results
Kayak Results


On to the Price Promise Review:

2:30pm Flight purchased from and subsequent screen grab from competitor site ( BestJet via a search on skyskanner link:

2:50pm Claim Submitted and automated e-mail response received.

3:13pm Claim Successful! And response received I will get: “53.36 AUD to match the lower rate found.”

Success (yellow highlights are my own call outs)!!


Now I won’t get this until I leave on my trip, but it will help subsidize my Thailand fun!

Key things to point out when submitting your Qantas Price Promise Claim:

  • Submit your claim the same day.  Not only does your screenshot have to be from the same day you bought your ticket, but your claim needs to be submitted the same day.
  • Need a time stamp within your screenshot.
  • Screenshot has to be less than a certain size.  I had to resubmit my price promise application because my screenshot was too big a file size. So make sure you get that automated confirmation e-mail after you submit to ensure your request went through.
  • Refund not to be received until after the departure per this table from (Qantas link:
Qantas details


I will update once refund finally hits my credit card to let you guys know the full process works, but as of the time of writing I am satisfied.

Happy Travels All!






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