Go Fund the Wall.

Build The Wall!

It’s going to be big, shiny and beautiful!

It seems that no one wants to front up and pay for the much hyped and promised for wall during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump (LINK).  Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall and now they don’t want to.  In Mexico’s defense, I don’t think they ever really wanted to pay for it.

Here’s my idea:  Let’s let those that voted now put their money where their mouth is. Pay for your precious wall!

CNN estimates a cost of 10.5 Billion dollars. $10,560,000,000! (link and it is not just a U.S. Problem)

So 10.5 Billion dollars needed
With 62,979,636 voting for trump (Link from this guy)

The result is that trump voters will to pay:
$168 each Trump Voter to fund the wall.

Cheaper than a shopping trip to Walmart.

To assist with the process, I started a Go Fund Me Campaign (and my first one too!! Yay!!)

Donate NOW!  Do it!

Much more detailed funding campaign specific information on the Go Fund Me page.


Donate now to protect the border and the freedom of people of the United States of America.



Update March 29, 2017. 2pm Pacific Time.


I received an e-mail from Go Fund Me that they do not like the post and it needs updates:

“You’ve received this email because your campaign did not include the following information in your story:

1. A clear explanation of how you know the beneficiaries.
2. A clear plan on how you intend to deliver your donations.”

So I made the below changes to my campaign page.  Let’s hope it gets back up soon!

Any suggestions are welcomed to get this needed Go Fund Me Page up!
I will answer the above now:

1.  I know the beneficiaries as I myself am a U.S. Citizen and will benefit from the building of the wall.  I personally know thousands of U.S. Citizens from just living my life.  Everyone else in the U.S. is a beneficiary from everyone I know to those who will benefit by just being a citizen.  As a result, the entire U.S. Population will benefit from this necessary and worthwhile Go Fund Me Campaign.

2.  I will deliver the donations through a check made payable to the United States Government delivered by certified mail to President Trump at:

President Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500



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