Go Fund Me are Fascists.

Go Fund Me Does Not Support Democracy. 

Note: Post updated one week after original post.  Original Post left as is below with the update noted at very bottom of post.

They’re watching you.

I started a campaign about 24 hours ago entitled “Go Fund the Wall.  Build the Wall” (read about it here at previous blog post)  and it has been a wild, fun and entertaining 24 hours since that post.  But, the only one who seems to enjoy the post is me.

Sadly, My campaign post page to build the wall has been taken down:

1984 style Newspeak censorship.


It started this morning (my time) when I received the below email:


My well written and actionable response:

Denied. Rejected.

Multiple friends called my campaign A “brilliant” idea.  But alas, my brilliant idea was stomped on by paramilitary keyboard warriors at the Redwood City, California Headquarters of Go Fund Me.

I also have been banned from Go Fund Me:

I am not welcomed. Sort of like a digital wall, No?

Like a one night stand gone bad, Go Fund Me has kicked me to the street at 3:30am on a rainy Saturday night/Sunday morning without my shoes and half my clothes to try to stagger my way home.

I feel a bit hurt.  I would like a call or text the next day.  Or at least a hug and some breakfast before I am kicked out the back door so the neighbors won’t see me.  “Come on, just let me stay over, I’ll be gone before your roommates are up, I promise!”
I feel used.  Pumped and dumped.  Hit it and quit it.

But I do take a bit of pride in my ability to get banned immediately.

The one donation I received will also be refunded:



Lessons learned:

Save your work.  This is a freshman year lesson that I failed to heed.  I had a great, (obviously my own opinion) well written post.  But I wrote it directly in the Go Fund Me site and did not save it elsewhere.

Sadly the only part saved from my original post is this screen shot:

Creativity is not appreciated.  Come on Go Fund Me (and anyone else reading), I thought this was hilarious and good fun.

I even put the category as “Community and Neighbors” 🙂 haha!


Oh well, back to fascism and hate for the rest world.  I tried to help.  I’ll catch you guys poolside!

Update on March 6, 2017.  (one week after original post)

I contacted Go Fund Me support and after some back and forth, I was able to reinstate my account.  So the ban noted above was an exaggeration.  I have yet to start a new campaign, however I can log in and no longer receive the “digital wall.”  Thanks!

Back In!


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