The rantings of an uncommon man
AB. Alpha Bravo.  Adam Brown. A. Brown.  Brownian Motion.  Many names, many thoughts all in one man’s head.  One site to put them on the record.

The site name?
Well it’s rather hard to find a good domain name nowadays.  Also, it is a tribute to an artist who influenced me.  It you know of him, then I too like toast, too. Now stay away from me, I ain’t got sh!t to say to you!
What?  You don’t like toast?  Well then you are a douche.

Think I’m lame?  Send a note to: Fuckoff (at) iliketoasttoo dot com

Want to tell me I’m awesome? I already know, but go ahead and let me know at:
alphabravo (at) iliketoasttoo dot com

You’re a Whore!

Thank you.  Although who really isn’t a whore these days?  Just calling it like it is.

I strive to provide not only entertainment to you, but also a means for my self improvement and if I can help others, then all the better.
Any support you can give is appreciated as I would rather whore myself online and provide some entertainment to you than whore myself out at a desk job.

Thank you for reading.