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What do in Sydney when it is Raining?

It’s raining sideways, trees are falling down in Sydney and the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology has issued a weather warning:

“… ABNORMALLY HIGH TIDES which may cause sea water flooding of low lying areas are likely. Water levels will exceed the highest tide of the year during Saturday and Sunday evening. VERY HEAVY SURF which may lead to localised damage and coastal erosion is likely…. “

Something like this.
Yeah, something like this.

Well then, what is one supposed to do?  I sure am not too adventurous, but for those who are here is my list.

Most are CBD/ city central. I welcome any thoughts in the comments section below.

The Library.
Bum Free and clean (compared to San Francisco where the bums are watching porn and cleaning themselves in the bathroom, the Sydney Libraries are like the Ritz Carlton). Take a break and dry up inside at the public library.  I have taken a nap at all the branches I have visited!

Sydney City Branches Link
Kings Cross Library
I am a big fan of the public Library system here in Sydney.  The library is fantastic. I wrote the first draft of this post at the kings cross library. As I was writing I put a reservation on a dvd. Within one hour I received a text message that the dvd was ready to pick up. What service!!!

Town Hall Branch.
Granted not really a library but more of a pick up point for books.  Has tables and chairs.  Suitable for naps.  Also if you are a member of the Sydney Library, you can reserve books to pick up here.  Convenient if you are working in the CBD.


State Library of New South Wales Link
State Library of NSW hours
The State Library of NSW is sweet.  Covering two buildings and clean, I have already taken a nap here in my brief time in Sydney.  Plenty of tables to study and work on your blog posts too.

Sydney Museums
Get some culture as you stay dry.  Time out has a list better than I can create:  LINK

Not Summer Down Under
Not Summer Down Under

The Star Casino.
I have yet to go to the casino as I am trying to limit my gambling vice and thus cannot give my opinion. But I would guess that it would be a blast.

Or the Cinema as it is called.

Brunch / Coffee.
Hit up one of Sydney’s great Cafes.
These people voice their opinions on where to go:
Brunch list Link
Time out Brunch Link

Go Shopping.
Westfield seems to own this town.  Hit up the CBD mall or the Bondi Junction one.

Get  Wetter.  Go Swimming.
Why not get fully wet?  Sydney has some great public swimming pools.
Sydney public swimming pools link

Or hit up the beach.  Just don’t get caught up in a rip tide.  Bondi.  Coogee.  Bronte.  All good options.

Why Not?
Why Not?

Now if only Uber was not surge pricing I might be going outside and alleviating this cabin fever.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step.

Leaving my heart in San Francisco.
Leaving my heart in San Francisco.

The first step of my lifelong dream of living in Australia starts right now.

At the SFO airport. Waiting to check in for my flight with my fairly decent, surprisingly cheap, $2 coffee at the international terminal. Showing up 3 hours early before actual check in open.  Updating my resume so I can get some work. Paging some dude on the intercom.  Welcome to San Francisco International Airport.  Please dial 6424 from the white courtesy telephone; you have an urgent message!  Why does Bart cost so much to get to SFO?  It is cheaper to get to Millbrae and that is one stop further! Please report any suspicious activity by calling 911 from any airport telephone. Thank you for keeping our airport secure.  Worries of travel now start to creep in.  What if I lose my passport.  Worse, what if there is a helicopter crash.  AB, you are not on a helicopter.  Oh, yeah right!  Block worries out and become desensitized watching Youtube.

So much to do in life. So I just leave. I quit. I’m out. Peace out players!

But this time I actually did a good job of notifying people of my departure.  But that is relative.   Of those I forgot to tell, well now you know.

Escape? Maybe.  Geographic?  Maybe.  Wherever you go, there you are!

But this is dream I have always had.

Hard to say goodbye because I don’t want to deal with feelings. I always feel bad saying goodbye. Like I let you down or something.

So most times I just do the Irish Goodbye. Just get up, walk out and leave.

This time I’ll leave this note.

Too many methods to communicate, but let’s stay in touch!

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, iMessage, Whatsapp, e-mail, Phone, Text, Skype, Facetime, Line, Tinder, Venmo, Paypal, Twitter, Youtube, Blog.

K, Thx, bye.


Gonna pick it back up in the land down under